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With over 10 years of conference and event keynotes and workshops, Lisa provides a perfect balance of humour and insight during her delivery. 

I can honestly say that our whole group thought Lisa was fantastic. It was amazing to watch the group and see not only the women in the crowd that could relate to what she was talking about but also the men
— Tania, Helloworld


energy, excellence & enthusiasm

Without energy we are nothing. To live an excellent life we need to make an effort.  Without energy, making an effort is nearly impossible. There are so many things that contribute or contaminate our energy. From the food we eat, the way we move to the people we spend time with.  In order to perform at your best you need the best energy possible. Lisa has been called a Human Berrocca! Learn her secrets for maintaining high energy even in tough times.

Families need parents who are engaged, adults need partners who connect and children need parents that are invested in them. Getting staff engaged, with energy, excellence and enthusiasm is Lisa’s speciality. If you are interested in exceeding your customers expectations, leading your team to greatness and being as effective as possible in life then your energy is the first place to start!

personal power

Learn how to be the best version of yourself. 

In a world where we are constantly under pressure, pressure to perform, to achieve, to sell and to do more, having the confidence to be the most magnificent version of yourself is the secret. It feels great to look great, to feel congruent and to present your best self to the world. What is required is effort. It takes effort to look good, effort to be good, effort to get in charge of your life. Personal power puts you in the drivers seat. People who feel powerful make more decisions, take the lead and contribute to their organisations. It’s time to stop playing small, to be good enough and to take charge.

A session with Lisa on personal power will leave you feeling like making an effort rather than making an excuse. Getting in charge of YOU will be your greatest achievement in 2019.

lead yourself to lead others

The most important relationship of your life is the one that you have with yourself.

Lisa has taught 1000’s of people to learn how to be their own best friend. 

Her workshops have changed how people feel, how they act and BE in all of their relationships. In our crazy, busy lives we have lost the art of  ‘being nice’, of being good friends, good family and good to ourselves. Being a loving human will be the greatest skill of the future, people who care, people who have confidence, people who live courageously will always have careers. Great leaders have self awareness, confidence and self belief. Lisa is passionate about creating inspirational leaders who are authentic and aware. 

organising chaos

Modern lives are busy lives: work, family, friends, health, finance, and more.  

Lisa has mastered a busy life and will teach you how to master yours.

Based on her book, Juggling in High Heels, learn the art of juggling priorities with good planning. By deciding what is important and when it's important, you can feel on top of it all. You can then do more of what you want! Lisa will teach you to navigate your never ending list of roles, to learn to let the small stuff go, and to start living a life that you love. An inspiring session for anyone feeling overwhelmed, Lisa is proof that you can live in organised chaos with a smile on your face!


Everyone wants to live a joyful life.  A life where you have the freedom to do what you want, where you are surrounded by people you can trust and you have the energy you need to get things done.  Taking control where you can and taking daily action to live well.

There are 6 foundations that we need to address to live this way. 

Six simple things that we need to address to have an amazing magnificent life.

Lisa is passionate about people leading big happy magnificent lives. She will inspire, teach and show you how you can live the best life ever!