Wow! “Energy, Excellence & Enthusiasm” ~ What a brilliant presentation Lisa gave to our helloworld group at our recent Frontliners Conference as a keynote speaker and let me say, she had all three of these in bucket loads, plus more! Inspiring, empowering and ‘bloody hardcase’ Lisa had the room in tears of laughter as she glamourously and energetically commanded the stage, capturing our attention with her pearls of wisdom, straight-talking attitude, experiences and humourous anecdotes. Lisa’s fun, down-to-earth approach in addressing her audience makes her instantly relatable and likeable; her infectious smile was able to ‘turn frowns upside down’ of even the most ‘miserable’ amongst us and moments of reflection for staff have continued since, as dashes of her strategies are put into place, working towards better versions of ourselves at home and for our colleagues and clients. Time well spent, thank you Lisa!
— Leigh Somerville, Travel & Sales Professional Helloworld

The feedback from Lisa’s presentation has been exceptional. Lisa has a unique ability to wrap strong and powerful messages up in humour and personal anecdotal stories to which we can all relate. Half the time I felt she was talking to me personally and she softened the blow of each relevant home truth, with the opportunity to laugh and realise “I am not alone” as others reacted the same way. Lisa has a unique skill with regard to her style of presentation ability to connect and positively influence the lives of others. I learned so much, and I laughed so much - what a combination